dendrobium biggibum

dendrobium biggibum (syn. bigibbum) is an epiphytic (sitting on trees) growing orchid, native to australia. it’s available in different varieties, flowering white, pink, violett or multicolored. the ease to care for plant is sometimes sold as dendrobium “compactum”.



cultivars based on dendrobium biggibum prefer high light with some morning and/or evening sun throughout the year. afternoon sun should be avoided.


in spring and summer it can be cultivated at room temperature and needs 10-16 °c/50-60 °f at its rest in fall/winter.


a special mix for epiphytic orchids must be used. it should contain some fir bark and peat moss. dendrobium biggibum is not suitable for growing in regular potting soil. every 2-3 years, when it begins to outgrow the pot and the soil is going to break down it’s time to repott.


water deep in spring and summer, whats flowing out of the pot musst be removed after a few minutes. wet legs can cause root rot. before watering next let the soil become moderately dry.


if it’s actively growing or flowering a half diluted orchid fertilizer can be given monthly.


to increase humidity dendrobium biggibum can be placed near a humidity tank or be sprayed over with water. this has to be done in the morning so the that water can evaporate throughout the day. it gives the orchid some extra water which may be helpful to tolerate if the soil becomes a bit drier sometimes.

reblooming dendrobium biggibum

to initiate flower buds after its pseudo bulbs have fully matured in late autumn, dendrobium biggibum needs a dormant rest. it now should be placed at 10-16 °c/50-60 °f with reduced watering and no fertilizing. give only enough to prevent the orchid from shriveling (approx. every 2-3 weeks).

when the buds are 1 cm/0.39 inch long, watering can be resumed and it can given back to its old location.

dendrobium biggibum var. compactum