Supermarket orchids

Orchids distributed in supermarkets or garden centers are sometimes misslabeled or not labeled. Maybe this small list, sorted by scientific names, can be helpfuil in identifiyng those plants.

The quality of those orchids is not bad. But sometimes the plants are sitting in water for a few days or are placed drafty. It’s good if they have a lot of buds with only a few flowers open. The roots should look fresh and crisp and not brown and muddy.

More images can be found on my plant identification project –>

×Beallara “Eurostar”

× Beallara “Peggy Ruth Carpenter”

burrageara nelly isler
×Burrageara “Nelly Isler”


colmanara massai
×Colmanara “Massai”

×Colmanara “Wildcat” (is sometimes sold as cambria)

Cymbidium (unknown hybrid)

Dendrobium “Compactum”

Dendrobium nobile hybrid

Dendrobium phalaenopsis

Encyclia cochleata

Epidendrum “Ballerina”

× Miltonidium “Bartley Schwarz”

×Miltonidium “Rosey Sunset”

×Miltassia (unknown cultivar)

×Miltoniopsis (unknown cultivar)

odontiona stirbic
×Odontiona “stirbic”

Odontoglossum “Margarethe Holm” (is sometimes sold under the name Cambria)

Oncidium “Sharry Baby”

Oncidium “Sweet Sugar”

oncidium tiny twinkle
Oncidium “Tiny Twinkle”

Paphiopedilum dellaina

Paphiopedilum “Pinocchio”

Phalaenopsis hybrid

Phalaenopsis “Little Lady”

×Vuylstekeara Cambria

Zygopetalum “Luisendorf”